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After an initial consultation, Studio L.A. orders custom-made hair from Virtual Reality. Once the hair arrives, it is applied to the scalp with a medical adhesive, and then it can be cut and styled.

Virtual Reality, unlike a hairpiece, becomes part of you - not something you wear. The technique involves applying an invisible, non surgical derma lens like a contact lens into which human hair is inserted, compatible in color, density, curl pattern, texture, etc. Resulting in the Virtual Reality cosmetic miracle hair restoration that revives your youthful appearance and looks totally natural. There is essentially no home maintenance other than washing, conditioning and normal styling.

Virtual Reality, Virtuésse and the Dermalens™ process

Virtual Reality (for men) and Virtuesse (for women) represent a scientific advancement recognized by the media (Good Morning America, Montel, Movie and a Makeover, news reporters coast-to-coast), Hollywood and Broadway as today’s most elegant hair replacement option. They offer the freedom to love the way you look, and the versatility to do absolutely anything you want, anytime, with your style, color or length. You also realize all this at no extra cost:


• An international network of studios where only VR Elite customers can get service at no additional charge.
• The artistry of expert technicians at Certified Concept Studios, trained in our specialized procedures
• The style that suits you – with no home maintenance
• The Dermalens process, which gives you a mirror-ready appearance without ridges, bumps or worries over wind, weather or lighting
• Automatic upgrade to the latest technology


Seamless Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are carefully color matched to your hair, root to end, and applied with surgical tape... no glue, plastic, metal, or rigid polyurethane.
Affordable, reusable, invisible and comfortable.
Both straight and wavy styles are available.
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Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

This innovative treatment began years ago in Europe, and has emerged in the U.S. as a leading protocol. It uses “cool” laser light energy to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and follicles. Featured on national newscasts, laser hair therapy is safe and typically employed for clients with early-to-moderate hair loss or in conjunction with surgical transplantation.

Why Consider Laser Hair Therapy?


• Works for all types of hair loss and scalp conditions including: male or female pattern, chemical damage, eczema, seborrhea, hormonal changes, medications, diet and stress
• Stimulates hair follicle and Increases blood flow to the scalp
• Stops hair loss and helps to re-grows hair
• Unlike many treatments, Laser energy works on all areas of the scalp
• Fuller, shinier, softer, thicker and more manageable hair
• Repairs and improves hair shaft quality
• Relieves irritating scalp conditions
• Increased hair strength and elasticity
• Enhances the lasting effects of hair color and perms by closing the cuticle
• Better curl retention
• Longer lasting color; less fading and oxidation

Studio L.A. also offers Revivogen a scalp therapy treatment for people who are in the beginning stages of hair loss. It is a topical treatment made from all-natural ingredients.

Formulated by a dermatologist with scientifically proven natural ingredients that target the root cause of hair loss, Revivogen represents a comprehensive, clinically proven hair loss solution that takes a multifaceted approach to target the root cause of hair loss.





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